Yoga Benefits on Health

Silhouette of healthy woman is practicing yoga at mountain lake during sunset.

We currently live in a pressure society, which dominates a continuous tension, stress and rapidity. Practicing yoga can be beneficial for us.
We need to relax, to disconnect ourselves from hyperactivity and allowing listening ourselves, our inner selves, and knowing what we really need and what our body and soul demand.
Otherwise, this lifestyle drives us to great suffering, ignorance and to suffering of any of existing physical psychological disorders. As a Chinese proverb says: Tension is who you think you are, relaxing is who you are.

What is health?

First, to know the relationship between yoga and health, you must know world’s health definition. According to OMS health is:

“Health is a state of physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being, and not merely the absence of sickness or infirmity”

As we can see health is something more that the absence of sickness, it requires a different level well-being, because we are biopsychosocial beings.

What is yoga?

Yoga word comes from the Sanskrit, which means “tie together” interpreted as joining. This discipline has been practiced since ancient times, evolutioning until now.
Yoga is rooted in India; nowadays occidental culture has begun to show some interest in it. Keys, prescriptions, methods, beneficial techniques for integral well-being and conscience evolution are provided from Yoga.

We can say that passing through physical and mental exercises, practicing yoga can help us to change our way of seeing the world that surrounds us and our lifestyle. It opens a whole range of possibilities including physical aspects as mental and spirituals, also allows us knowing ourselves.
There are some classes and categories from Yoga, following as a goal having a good health. In addition, it allows knowing spiritually about ourselves and our internal potential. If we compromise ourselves and practice yoga, we can reach a balance between mind and body.

Yoga Benefits

Yoga teaches us to recover the most realistic of ourselves and connecting with our silence angles, even in general concerns or social disorders where we take part. So we reach internal peace.
A regular practice in this discipline will make us stronger, toning each part of our body. Driving properly our energy, will develop our resistance and flexibility ability and also multiplying our concentration and relaxation.
Developed techniques practiced in yoga will help to calm our nervous system and keeping us warmed, receptive and healthy. It also allows us stopping negative thoughts and being focus in our present. Yoga allows us:

⦁ Keep bones strong due different movements and positions
⦁ Sleep better and deeply every night
⦁ Speed out our mind and combating stress due to relaxation and peace that we develop
⦁ Improving flexibility and joint mobility.
⦁ To guard our heart. Arterial and heart rate slowdown are reduced due to yoga practicing
⦁ Stay slim and sexual relations quality are improved
⦁ Our lung capacity is improved with deep breathing exercises
⦁ Endorphins are release, in consequence well-being sensation and pleasure is experimented.

Yoga plays an important role in health, corporal and mental fields. Many of its techniques are the result of prevention arthritis, ahrtrosis, myocardium, lumbago, asthma, bronchitis, constipation, anxiety and other psychic disorders. In addition, yoga intervenes in the emotional level promoting physic harmony and solving our intern conflicts.
Perhaps the only way to know exactly which the benefits are from this discipline is to trying it by ourselves.



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