The best yoga poses to lose weight

Yoga masters recommend some poses to people who want besides to harmonize their body, mind and spirit, want to lose weight.
⦁ Fish Pose
⦁ Cobra Pose
⦁ Candle pose
⦁ Warrior Pose
⦁ Fish Matsyasana.
Matsya “fish” Matsyana- Fish Pose is the counter position to Sarvangasana and should practice it until finish it. The column arches and your head forward to adopt an aerodynamic shape.


Cobra Pose

How to make cobra pose in yoga?
⦁ Lying face down, place hands below shoulder, keep your toes forwards. Release leisurely the air few times, then stretch your all body, from the lower body to upward. Feel how your body is stretching and becomes aware of it.
⦁ Press the pubic bone against the floor, putting the coccyx in. Raise straightly your knees while you press the end of the feet on the floor. Breathe and raise your chest without pressing the palms of the hands. Keep this position for several breaths. Listen to your body and discover in this position what muscles need to work the most.
⦁ Move your back. Press your hands against the floor and continue curving spinal to raise it. Press once again the pubic bone against the floor, without raising the feet and legs. Raise your chest from your arms, pressing it from your heels of the hands.
⦁ With your shoulder relaxed, and your back is still in movement, stretch your arms. Stretch the back of the neck, putting your chin in the throat. Keep this position for several breaths, expand your chest on your breathing and lengthening your spinal when breathing out.
⦁ If a wheezing is combined with this pose, every time you breathe, it is named mudra, the Serpent Seal.



Candle Pose

⦁ Start with 30 seconds, then, one minute and bit by bit adding 5 or 10 seconds per day until you can keep this pose for 3 minutes.
⦁ Continue practicing this pose during 3 minutes every day for 3 or 2 weeks until you feel comfortable in it.
⦁ When you reach it, add 5 to 10 seconds every day until you can keep this pose during 5 minutes.
⦁ This pose is executed once.

Pose variations for Accessibility.

Put one or two bent blanket under your shoulder and lying your feet on the wall.

Contraindications and previsions practicing the candle pose.
⦁ Diarrhea
⦁ Headache
⦁ Hypertension
⦁ Menstruation
⦁ Neck injury
⦁ Pregnancy: Check with your doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy. If you have experience doing this position, you can practice it until your pregnancy be progressed, always check with your doctor.

Candle Pose Benefits.
⦁ Calm the nervous system
⦁ Mental interiorization makes easier.
⦁ Help to many psychologic problems, several fresh blood is taken to your brain
⦁ Thyroid gland is stimulated and balance glandular functioning.
⦁ Improve your circulatory, reproduction, nervous and digestive system.
⦁ Relieve asthma and bronchitis.
⦁ Remove fat around the waist.
⦁ Increase your body resistance
⦁ Rest and decongest your abdominal organs.
⦁ Improvement and strengthening on neck, arms, legs and spinal operation
⦁ Therapeutic for hemorrhoids, diabetes and leucorrhea.
⦁ Prevents and fight against varicose veins, constipation, prostate disorders, impotence, hormonal disorders, gastritis, irritability, lack of memory, some types of ulcers and nasal allergies.


Warrior Pose


Warrior Pose is named Virabhadrasana in Sanskrit: Asana means pose and Virabhradra was the warrior’s name who Shiva sent to kill Daksha in revenge for his loved wife death, in accordance of Hindu mythology. Warrior pose is beneficial for your body. Is one the yoga poses that requires all body participation, for this reason is considered comprehensive. Those who practice yoga begin with this pose due it improve all your body shape from the beginning.

Enjoy your practice!


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