How to eliminate belly fat

Woman showing cellulite on her belly, on white background

If you only want to burn fat “belly” or abdomen and look fit, you must first understand that fat burning cannot be localized, so it is not possible to just lose fat adomen. The way your body stores and burns fat has some genetic approach, that is, some people store more in the abdomen, other leg, another in the lower back, etc.

There is not exercise to burn localized fat. Abdominal and lateral rotations, and doing bars DO NOT BURN FAT. Doing crunches work the muscles, but not the fat (the muscles underneath the fat). Belts and sweatshirts DO NOT burn fat, just make you sweat, which means you eliminate excess subcutaneous water while you exercise, and by hydrating, you recover all liquid. SWEAT IS NOT A FAT BURN, it is a physiological response of your body against heat.


The most efficient way to get rid of belly fat is by eating properly and exercising regularly. The only way to take that specifically localized abdominal fat is by liposuction. You can also delete it momentarily, but if you never stop learning and do not change your habits,the fat that was once removed will return and the result will be a loss of money. The key to getting rid of it permanently is by controlling our diet, learning to eat everything in moderation, without eliminating carbohydrates or fats, in combination with a physical activity that you like. Pick a sport that you enjoy and practice it daily or at least 4-5 times a week for 30-60minutes.

The way for your changes to be sustainable over time, you must enjoy what you do. If you do sports, and learn to eat healthfully, you will be able to see the changes and look fit. Thruthfully, there are no secrets or shortcuts in this process.


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