Fitness, Health is the Key

Young woman engaged in sports while listening to music. Take a resting and drinking water.

It has been proved that moderate physical activity practiced regularly, will improve your health. It also helps you to improve your life expectative and decreasing frequency of cardiovascular and endocrinal diseases (heart diseases and rest of body circulation, diabetes and metabolic syndrome).

In this way, any activity or approach that helps to improve our health could be considered as fitness. However, any attitude diverted or quickly to reaching ambitious goals, conversely will distance us from being healthy and consequently from being fitness.

As important as question, what is fitness? The question is, what is not fitness?

Fitness is not a range of activities or exercises to have plenty of muscles, it means to increase disproportionality and without balance one’s muscle mass, neither is to practicing any sport activity compulsively without controlling. Of course, fitness is not to abuse from certain substances (medications as erythropoietin, steroid hormones, transfusions or any shortcut).


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