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Exercises do not help to lose weight as we thought.
Amazing but is true. At the beginning of 70th, studies confirmed that exercises were the key to lose weight. It was directly proportional, it means that the most exercises you do, the most exercises you loss. Aerobics, spinning and running helped you to lose excessive weight.

A recently studied was done and its results were really surprising. A survey was applied by Minnesota Heart Survey at the United States, and it showed that 47% of respondents confessed to practicing exercises regularly at the 80th. On 2000 this figure increased to 57% and now continues increasing. Obesity figures are still increasing, and a quarter of Americans are obese and another third are overweight. What would happen then?

They wanted to know what happen to all this and to obtain accurate date. To all this, a women study was applied, and the result was not linked to the studied member. In particular, 464 overweight women who did not practice any sport were assigned to 4 different groups. The first three worked weekly with a personal trainer for 72, 136 and 194 minutes during 6 months. The fourth group worked as a control. They were required to keep their habitual physical routine and not changing their feeding.

It was incredible. All group women lost weight, even those that worked as control. However, the third group, those who practiced the most exercises, lost weight as the control group who did not practice any intense activity. Furthermore, it is believed that they lost weight due they had to fill a health and feeding health survey monthly. Involuntary, they cared about avoiding fast food.

Why do they lose weight as the other group? Because a compensation phenomenon. While activity is more intense, hungrier we are and more we eat. Another adverse effect: Under control women spent their time watching TV and other sedentary activities. They were less fit than before to practicing any physical activity.

Rafael Gutierrez, a specialist trainer doctor, explains this:
The difference is that the named fast energy obtained from carbohydrates and proteins are consumed by intense exercises. Thus, muscles are tuned, and strength is increased but fat is not burned. But careful, this new evidence does not discredit physical activity for better health and cancer prevention or heart diseases. The illusion that we could lose weight must be set aside.

What is the best solution? You must practice low impact physical activity regularly over an extended period of time. It is useless to be all day sited on the armchair and practice 45 minutes of intense activity. Better is to practice low impact physical activity over an extended period that many for a short period. It is in fashion now, and not only for women to going for a walk during one hour, going to upstairs, walking to our job, and this would be a wonderful weight loss routine.


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