6 slim exercises better than running

There are 6 sporting options that burn more calories than running.


Practice this magic exercise for 4 minutes and burn more calories during and after training. According to Auburn University in Montgomery, a study reveals that: Squat is a basic movement that always should be in our exercises routine, explains Salvador Serrano, a physical coach. It is recommended to do a set of 20 repetitions with 45 second to rest.

Jump the rope

With a moderated intensity of 100/120 repetitions per minute you burn around 13 calories, according to Compendium of Physical Activities, a world reference for physical activity, written by Dr. Bill Haskell from Stanford University. This exercise use more muscular groups than running and improving balance and coordination, especially if it is practiced additionally with hands and feet abilities.



This training is on fashion every day. It burns around 13 calories per minute. According to Scientifics from State University of Kennesaw: “Is a complete activity which lets you to go on your own pace. It consists in doing a set of exercises during a determinate time. Is recommended to practicing 2 or 3 times a week. Salvador Serrano explains that side effects are not found if it is practiced with a coach who supervises all executions of all your movements.

Mountain Bike

It can burn 1500 calories per hour, or around 25 calories per minute. When you pedal in all types of surfaces, any of them especially simple”, explains Mike Curiak , winner of Iditasport Impossible prove on 2000. As we said before, burning calories depends from physical condition, strength and skills levels.

Cross-country skiing

As Sergio Serrano says, “Skiing could be more intense than running due it uses elements which cause sliding and friction”. Skiing offers a better training than running at the same or less rhythm, due it requires the lower body to push and the upper to pull. In a good session of cross-country skiing you can burn more than 12 calories per minute in accordance with Compendium of Physical Activities.


According to Harvard University, in a vigorous rhythm, an 84 kg person could burn 377 calories during 30 minutes practicing paddle, around 12.5 calories per minute. It is a big training exercise due it uses arm, legs and back muscles. Fernand Lobete explains: Is strange to find an activity that works several muscular groups as paddle movement. This big participation becomes it into a fabulous exercise to burn calories, while it develops a flexibility and strength. It is free of impact and the intensity is completely controlled by the user.


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