5 physical and mental health tips

Yoga outdoors in warm autumn park. Woman sits in lotus position zen gesturing. Concept of healthy lifestyle and relaxation


Activities routines and life style prevent people to acquiring body harmful mood and well-being habits; however, practicing sports is one of the essential tips to care about your physical and mental health.

According with Diego Di Marco, lifestyle coach and Huffington Post collaborator, there are some tips that will help you to choose a physical activity adapted to find a balance between your body and mind; this may help you to have a good health and being happy.

1. Listen to your body. When you practice any physical activity, try to pay attention to your corporal and mental symptoms. If they get worse, your routine must be modified as soon as you can.




2. Add different techniques. If you practice aerobic, resistance and meditation exercises, your body will be more benefited than practicing just one activity.



3. Run. This activity allows you to feel more relaxed and your humor mood will be improved. This is one of the techniques to keep physical and mental health.




4. Find a motivation. To love yourself and keep a good health and self-esteem allow you to find motivations to care your integral health. Identify the reason why you want to be healthy and gradually try to achieve it.

5. Be constant. When you practice any activity for a specific period of time you will notice physical and mental changes. Do not give up in your first experiences and keep a positive attitude

A published study on Health Education & Behavior explains that practicing meditation for 20 minutes can reduce stress levels, helps you to sleep better and increases your attention. These physical and mental health tips will help you to improve your health and lifestyle. Put them into practice!!


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