5 natural and effective tips to purify your body

Clean body same as healthy body

It is inevitable that toxins be accumulated in our body. Pollution, feeding and accelerated life rhythm that we have, contribute to it. However, as organic and ecologic is our food, it is difficult to stay 100% free of toxins. We can approach to this percentage, if we contribute on having a good digestion, and obviously committing us on having healthy habits. In this way, we can eliminate toxins effectively and effortlessly.

Toxins Body Symptoms
⦁ Irritability
⦁ Fatigue
⦁ Headaches
⦁ Muscle aches
⦁ Chest pain
⦁ Trouble losing weight
⦁ Fuzzy thinking
⦁ Insomnia
⦁ Sinus congestion
⦁ Indigestion
⦁ Hives
⦁ Swelling
⦁ coughing
⦁ Sneezes
⦁ Constipation

Stress, processed food, additives, dyes and all the artificial food encourage toxicity. Breathing smokes from cars, industries and all the environment pollution also unclean your body. When toxins are in our body, it gets sick, reason why is important to be aware about eating habits and physical activity that we practice and have. If you have not started, it is never too late. Living insolate is not a solution, we could have a healthy and clean body if we take preventive measures, but is necessary to work for detoxifying it and applying some tips that we offer to you. You can do a lot to reach it and live better!

5 tips to purify your body

Take sauna baths

If you cannot take sauna baths whatever the reason you have, and a powerful shower is on your home, cover it and letting hot water run. Vapor will be accumulated on environment and will have a sauna effect. This will offer to you positive results, skin pores will be opened and impurities will be eliminated by sweat.

Lemon Juice and water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup

This is an effective drink when you want to clean your body. It is essential to have a healthy diet followed with this drink, for 7 days and repeating the process 4 times a year. Be aware with maple syrup, it should be used little as possible because its goal is to make drink less bitter.

Sleep more

It might seem strange, but we all know that body regenerates itself while we sleep at night. If you do not sleep enough, your body will be overworked. While detoxification is running, you better sleep 8 and 9 hours a day to contribute with your cleaning.

Healthy Food

This could not be miss, is a basic recommendation. From drinking sufficient water, trough adding green natural juices during all day until eating more vegetables. Do not forget to drink herbal infusion; they are the biggest allies on detoxification process. You can drink dandelion leaves, bold and ginger infusion, among many other things.

Physical Activity

While is true that is not recommendable to practice intense physical activity while you are doing a detoxification diet, you must practice Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, Tai-chi or similar disciplines. It would not only increases your energy also your breath will be increased, and as a consequence greater oxygenation should be on your body.


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